Relationships often hit rough patches. When people lose hope, they may want to throw in the towel. They stop talking and avoid their partners and feelings. Arguments become polarizing, intimacy suffers. Shared hopes and dreams are forgotten. Partners become more critical or demanding. There are hurt feelings on both sides.

Couples counseling can help you both get back on the same team and repair your relationship. When you know your partner can hear your fears as well as your desires, you can have meaningful conversations about trust, love and forgiveness.

Why should you consider couples counseling?

Conflicts may arise during marriage, because we all change as we mature. Most couples who see me want to find ways to communicate more effectively and regain lost intimacy. A common issue for people is that while they love their partner, they are not “in love” with their partner. And many losses for couples occur that have to be grieved (e.g., infertility, miscarriage, parenting differences or losses, chronic and acute illnesses, job loss, financial difficulties, retirement). Couples come to therapy to reduce their pain, find ways to regain intimacy, and decrease the distance between them.

Get back on track. Learn the skills you need to take risks and do something different.

Our marriage is so much better and my heart feels open again.
— Marital therapy client