Maurice Sendak said, "It is sometimes hard to be a family."

Being in a family requires a lot of work and a lot of love. It is in our families where we first recognize our strengths and talents and learn about trust. Our families can provide hope and encourage us to reach out to the world.

Families work best when they provide stability, but are still flexible and open to change when needed. Family members are most comfortable when everyone takes responsibility for their own feelings, understands the need for boundaries, and learns how to set limits. 

There are countless types of families: one to four parents (single parent, blended and divorcing families); multi-generational, biracial and adoptive; heterosexual, gay and transgender. 

Families are like puzzles, with a lot of moving parts.

People generally seek out family therapy when something goes wrong: they suffer a loss, there’s an academic or social concern with a child or adolescent, or a family member’s behavior becomes difficult to understand.

We are so much better at saying thank you to each other.
— Family therapy client